Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Elk River Minnesota

If you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked, broken, or has recently had a root canal, a crown can restore your smile. Crowns can also correct a cosmetic tooth problem including gap or miss shaped teeth giving you a better smile. Elk River Family Dentistry utilizes porcelain crowns which provide the strength of metal, but with the aesthetics of porcelain to match your natural tooth color. Crowns cover, protect, and support broken or fractured teeth to make them stronger. They provide an alternative to large fillings for teeth lacking sufficient supportive structure as well as support a bridge. In addition to strengthening the tooth, crowns can be used to improve tooth appearance, shape, as well as alignment of occlusion (bite).

Dental Crown Process and Timeline

Restoring a tooth with a crown will usually take 2 visits. The dentist will prepare the remaining portion of the tooth; then take an impression, making an exact model to send to a professional laboratory technician to make the crown. At this appointment a temporary crown will be made and cemented temporarily while the lab prepares your crown. Once the lab makes the permanent crown (2-3 weeks) you come back and the temporary crown is removed and the dentist will adjust the fit of the new permanent crown and it will be permanently cemented.
Schedule an appointment at Elk River Family Dentistry to discuss all possible treatments options to determine which type of crown is best for you.